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Energy Saving of Heating System in Textile Printing and Dyeing Industry

Heating system refers to the steam pipeline network or the high temperature hot oil pipeline network. Heat dissipation occurs during heat transfer. Therefore, reducing the loss of heat energy in the process of transmission is the energy-saving work of heating system.

Insulation: Pipeline insulation is the main method to prevent or reduce heat loss during transmission. There are several problems about heat preservation as follows:

(1)Insulation part: In textile printing and dyeing enterprises, the temperature of steam transported is above 150 C, and the temperature of high temperature hot oil is between 200 and 240 C, which is quite different from room temperature. Therefore, besides the pipeline, the heat preservation of the heating network should also insulate the valves. According to the budget, a valve is not insulated, and the annual heat loss is equivalent to 1-3 tons of standard coal.

(2)Pipeline insulation: Most enterprises will attach importance to pipeline insulation. However, some enterprises still pay insufficient attention to the insulation of steam pipeline and high temperature heat conducting oil pipeline, and do not repair the damaged insulation layer in time. If the heating pipeline is not insulated, it will lead to a certain amount of heat loss. For example, when the steam pipeline is 100m long and 150mm in diameter is not insulated and the pressure is 8kg, 25000L fuel oil will be wasted every year.

(3)External protective layer of insulation layer: The insulation effect of pipeline network is related not only to the material of insulation layer, but also to the material of external protective layer of insulation layer. If the outer protective layer is soft and absorbent, the water in the air will be absorbed by the insulation layer and transferred to the vicinity of the pipeline, which will lead to heat loss. Generally speaking, the total heat loss can be up to 5-10%. Therefore, stainless steel, engineering plastics and other non-absorbent materials can be used as the outer protective layer.

2、Connection mode of steam pipeline: There are many ways to connect steam pipeline. Different ways have certain influence on the effective utilization of steam.

3、Steam conveying pressure: During the process of steam conveying, loss will occur. When the amount of steam transported is constant, the smaller the radius of the steam pipeline, the greater the pressure required in the process of transporting, the greater the resistance and loss of the steam in the process of transporting. Therefore, properly increasing the radius of the steam pipeline and reducing the pressure in the process of steam transportation are conducive to reducing the loss in the process of transportation.

4、Leakage of steam pipeline: Leakage of steam pipeline is the main part of steam loss in enterprises. Some employees of printing and dyeing enterprises believe that it is impossible to eliminate steam leakage, and this wrong understanding must be overcome. For example, when the steam pressure is 7 kg, a leak with a diameter of 3 mm wastes 32650 L of fuel oil every year.

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