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Energy saving of boiler system in textile dyeing and printing industry

In textile printing and dyeing enterprises, the boiler system can be divided into steam boilers and heat-conducting oil boilers. The fuels used by the boilers are coal-fired, oil-fired and natural gas. Because of the cost problem, most of them are coal-fired, and some of them are wood chips.

Energy saving of boiler system in textile dyeing and printing industry

1. Multiple use of steam

In textile printing and dyeing enterprises, most of the steam is used once and part of it is used twice, for example, enterprises with cogeneration units. After use, the steam condenses into water, and the waste heat contained in the steam can not be utilized, which reduces the utilization efficiency of steam heat energy.

The multiple utilization of steam can improve the utilization efficiency of heat energy. Especially in some enterprises with cogeneration units, steam can be used in different stages for many times to improve the utilization efficiency of steam enthalpy.

In practice, to achieve multi-stage utilization of steam, it is necessary to produce high-grade steam, then reduce temperature and pressure in the process of multi-stage utilization, so as to make full use of heat energy. The following factors should be taken into account in the multistage utilization of steam:

(1) Distance of steam supply;

(2) Is the configuration of the heat setting machine adaptable?;

(3) Demand and pressure for various steam;

(4) Site conditions of various equipment。

(5) In addition to the above factors, consideration should also be given to the matching of personnel and auxiliary equipment.

2. The use of thermal oil boiler

The thermal oil boiler heating medium is high temperature heat conduction oil. The use of high temperature heat conducting oil as a heat conducting medium has certain advantages, that is, it can make better use of the waste heat of the medium. At the same time, high temperature heat conducting oil will not be condensed, heating is stable and easy to control. In order to reduce the number of boilers, thermal oil boilers are used to generate steam.

3. Air coefficient control

The control of boiler air coefficient has not been paid much attention by most enterprises. Most enterprises believe that there are many technical difficulties in the control of boiler air coefficient. In fact, more importantly, most managers fail to realize the significance of air factor control. Practical experience shows that the surplus air volume is reduced by 5%, and the boiler efficiency is increased by 1%.

4. Balance for steam

The instability of steam consumption in the workshop is a feature of steam consumption in textile printing and dyeing enterprises. However, the uneven consumption of steam will lead to a reduction in the efficiency of combustion and a reduction in the utilization of heat. It is probably not realistic to completely solve the problem of balanced steam supply. However, it is possible to reduce the unevenness of steam supply through management, especially through production planning and scheduling. The main methods are:

Production sequence of the whole machine: In dyeing and finishing production, especially in batch dyeing production, steam consumption is also batch. Therefore, the steam consumption peaks of each production process are staggered to balance the steam consumption through certain methods.


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