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LSS Series

  • High Efficiency Once-through Vertical Boiler
  • High Efficiency Once-through Vertical Boiler
  • High Efficiency Once-through Vertical Boiler
  • High Efficiency Once-through Vertical Boiler
High Efficiency Once-through Vertical BoilerHigh Efficiency Once-through Vertical BoilerHigh Efficiency Once-through Vertical BoilerHigh Efficiency Once-through Vertical Boiler

High Efficiency Once-through Vertical Boiler

  • Steam Capacity(T/H):0.5Ton,1Ton,2Ton,3Ton,4Ton
  • Boiler Fuel:Diesel Oil,Heavy Oil,Natural Gas
  • Steam Outlet:DN40,DN50,DN65,DN125
  • Total Power Consumption(KW):3KW,8KW,9KW,15KW
  • Product descriptionHigh efficiency Once-through Boiler,The “Once-through steam boiler” is formed by the designed and arrayed long tubes. The feed water pump provides water from one side of the tube,and the water becomes

Product introduction:

Automatic gas fired high efficiency once-through steam boiler is a new type of high-tech energy saving product. It can produce steam in cold water condition within 3-5 minutes. While the traditional oil/gas fired boiler generate steam will take 30-40 minutes. It means that this product warm-up time is particularly short, every start will save 30 minutes of fuel consumption than traditional oil/gas fired boiler. This product is extremely suitable for intermittent use heat conditions and rapid use heat, and can save energy 15-20% than traditional boiler.


Product feature:

1Adopts vertical arrangement, boiler structure is compact, occupy area is small, and the boiler room requirements are simple.

2Pressure boost-up quickly, boiler start time is short, generate steam within 3-5 minutes in normal temperature status. Rapid steam production, warm-up time is short, can effectively reduce operating costs. The traditional structure WNS series oil/gas fired steam boiler takes about 30-40 minutes from normal temperature to produce steam. start once a day, and can save 30 minutes fuel consumption every start. For a long time, this boiler is your best choice.

3Easy to installation: Complete boiler assembly, commissioning, fully equipped in the factory. After the boiler installed on site, just need connect water, electricity, oil, gas and blowdown pipeline can be put into operation.

4Whole tube plate structure, oiler explosion accident will not happen, excellent safety performance. Especially for hospitals, schools, residence community etc crowded areas, not security risks.

5Boiler body is welded by the upper-lower header, straight pipes and flat steel. Filled in the refractory material between the pipe both ends and tube plate welding point. This structure effectively solve the furnace seal, heat affected area overlap, stress concentration and other problems.

6With special W-type smoke gas process, flue gas outside the water pipe high-speed flow and cross-flow scrubbing. Convection heat transfer is very strong, high heat transfer coefficient.

7Supply water to lower headers, and then distributed to the water pipe, boiler water circulation is fast, water volume relatively small, boiler start and stop quickly. At the same time, designed unique boiler inside and boiler outside two steam-water separation device, to ensure a better steam quality. Coupled with sophisticated water level control alarm, pressure control system, to make the boiler operation safe and reliable.

8Adopts light and efficient absorb noise insulation materials: thermal insulation use 50mm aluminum silicate board, light weight, good insulation effect, hot loss is small, appearance use the brushed stainless steel plate, beautiful and generous.

9Electric control system adopts intelligent control, reserved the PLC control port, high automaticity. The control system with automatic control combustion, water pump automatic control ,draught fan automatic control, gas fired solenoid valve automatic control, and meanwhile low water level fault, high pressure failure, flame breakdown, pressure fault, air door open fault, air door turn down fault, air door close fault etc security protection. Computer(PLC) also automatically record a variety of date parameter and alarm parameters and other data, through the touch screen for recording, statics, management.

10Adopts the whole Chinese LCD controller, dynamic graphical working condition display. automatic control system, simple operation, no need special duty .Full rage of temperature display, more convenient to manage the operation of boiler and the system.

LSS Series High Efficiency Once Through Steam Boiler Technical Parameters

Type Rated Output (T/H) Rated Steam Pressure (Mpa) Steam Temperature (°C) Design Efficiency (%) Fuel Consumption (Nm³/H) Size(M)
LSS0.5-1.0-Y/Q 0.5 1.0 184 92.1% 28 2.1x1.47x1.38
LSS1-1.0-Y/Q 1 1.0 184 92.3% 58 2.43x1.8x2.65
LSS2-1.0-Y/Q 2 1.0 184 94.2% 118 3.15x2.22x2.98
LSS4-1.6-Y/Q 4 1.6 204 94.4% 235 3.48x2.35x4.31

LSS Series hot water Boiler

LSS boiler case

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