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  • Vacuum Hot Water Boiler
  • Vacuum Hot Water Boiler
  • Vacuum Hot Water Boiler
Vacuum Hot Water BoilerVacuum Hot Water BoilerVacuum Hot Water BoilerVacuum Hot Water Boiler

Vacuum Hot Water Boiler

  • Types And Specifications:ZRQ-10~ZRQ-1200
  • Range Of Output Power(Kal/H):100000Kal/H~1200*10^4Kal/H
  • Boiler Fuel:Diesel Oil,Heavy Oil,Natural Gas,Coke Oven Gas
  • Application Places:Hotels,District Heating,Office Buildings,Swimming Pool,School,Etc
  • Product descriptionYinchen vacuum boiler is the leading product of Yinchen boiler group. The earliest vacuum hot water boilers have already operated more than 10years. It mainly provides heating or domestic water, which

Product introduction

The vacuum hot water boiler, the lower part structure is same with the conventional boiler. Which is composed of combustion chamber and heat transfer tube. The lower part is equipped with heat medium(furnace water),the upper part is vacuum steam chamber .Inserted the U-type tube(straight type tube) heat exchanger. Because of the whole boiler is running in a negative pressure state, so it is absolutely safe. During the boiler whole process operation, the furnace heat medium(furnace water) not flow into, not come out, no increase, no reduced, only enclosed in the boiler vacuum chamber. Transfer heat between the heat transfer tubes and heat exchanger.

The furnace heat medium is completely deoxidized pure water, no corrosion, no incrustation. so that the boiler life can reach 20 years or more. In summary, with such a performance boiler, the natural development tendency is to replace the traditional drum type boiler and shell type boiler.

Product usage

The furnace can supply different temperatures, different uses of hot water, such as central air conditioning water, sanitary hot water, hot water process. hygiene hot water, craft hot water etc.

Product advantage

Comparison of Vacuum Hot Water Boiler and Pressure Water Boiler and Normal Pressure Hot Water Boiler


Pressure hot water boiler

Normal pressure hot water boiler

Vacuum hot water boiler

Security assurance

Explosion risk

Relatively safe


System efficiency

90%decreased year by year

82%decreased year by year

92%never decreased

Working life



More than 20 yearsemi-permanent

Initial cost

Boiler little cheaper,but boiler roomaccessories investment high

Boiler cheap,accessories investment high

Total economical

Annual inspection

Registration yearly check

Registration yearly check

Country have passed the law no need for annual inspection

Other requirement

Need build independent boiler room, profession stoker

Less than 4t/h can put in basementneed staff on duty

Can put in basementrooftopsgreenbeltsneed staff watch on part-time

1. Safe and reliable: Because of its medium circulation system pressure is lower than the atmospheric pressure, vacuum boiler’s unit running internal absolute pressure is 0.02 ~ 0.08MPa, then the unit is in a vacuum state, so it can’t explode.

2.One boiler multifunction: a boiler (also known as hot water unit) can be equipped with multiple heat exchangers, the supply of different temperatures, different uses of hot water, such as central air conditioning water, sanitary hot water, hot water process

3.High thermal efficiency: Adopts the three-return structure; the second return of fire tube with thread smoke tube, enhance heat transfer; the third return with smooth pipe, effectively reduce the flue gas flow resistance. Heating surface is big, heat medium temperature is low, heat transfer temperature difference is large, exhaust smoke temperature is low. Unique wet back reversal chamber structure, abandoned the traditional refractory and heat insulation material, significantly reduce the unit front smoke chamber temperature, and complete machine with the quality aluminum silicate insulation, makes the unit heat loss reduce to the limit, complete machine thermal efficiency reached more than 92%.Furnace body never scaling, keep high efficiency running long years.

4.Long service life: Inside the boiler dont cause scaling, increase the boilers service life, it is 1.5~2 times over the general boiler life. Heat exchanger use the stainless steel tube , corrosion resistance, design serve life is more than 20 years.

5.Accurate control: According to the external load changes, automatic adjustment operation, hot water temperature can be set freely between 20 ~ 90 , the unit can automatically adjust the temperature after setting, to ensure constant temperature.

6. High standard configuration: Boiler combustion and control system components and parts are imported high-quality accessories, such as: Germany Weishaupt burner or Italy Baltur,Riello burner; Germany SEMIENS touch screen, PLC programmable controller, reliable performance, Low operating and maintenance costs. Unit thermal efficiency, saving fuel costs; automatic operation, do not need professional operators, saving labor costs; no annual inspection, maintenance and management costs is low.

7. Easy installation: the unit uses built-in heat exchanger, the system is not equipped with water treatment, heat exchangers and other external equipment, just connect the external pipe ,then can be used directly, installation requirements and costs will be also greatly reduced.

8. Straight tube heat transfer, easy maintenance: vacuum hot water unit built-in heat exchanger heat pipe with stainless steel pipe straight tube, even if the unit inside the heat transfer tube there is dirt after a long period of operation, just open the both ends water room head, a simple mechanical cleaning with a brush is ok .

9. Meet the environmental requirements: the fuel completely burned, soot emissions are very low; secondary combustion, effectively inhibit the NOX generation; furnace back pressure, combustion noise is low.

Product structure

1. Boiler body: vacuum boiler body combustion heating parts use of high-quality Q235 plate and 20 # steel pipe. The advantages are large combustion chamber, boiler furnace heat load is small. Heating area is large, volume is small, compact structure, and water capacity is small, rapid heating rate. Coupled with the upper part of the negative pressure evaporation chamber even as a whole, stable performance, reliable operation. As the negative pressure evaporation chamber space is larger, insert the heat exchanger, according to the users demands manufacturing. General horizontal boiler are used straight pipe heat exchanger, both ends of the head and joint pipe can be disassembled, convenient for users maintenance and cleaning heat exchanger water pipes.

2. Heat exchanger manufacturing and construction: heat exchanger with stainless steel, in bundle way insert into the negative pressure evaporation chamber, both ends connection with flanges. Its advantages: easy to disassemble and replace, difficult to corrode, easy maintenance and cleaning, durable for use.

3. Automatic control: the control part choose advanced controller, automatic detection of boiler water temperature, outlet water temperature; automatic detection of burner and furnace internal failure; Through the procedure setting can control the burning time; can correctly according to load changes, automatic adjust the whole process of combustion, reduce the times of start and stop caused by load changes, to make the boiler normal operation and reduce the purging heat loss when boiler start or stop.

4. Combustion equipment: due to the special design of the vacuum boiler, according to the fuel type and user demands, through a dedicated installation board, can be configured a variety of imported or domestic burner fuel with gas or oil.

Vacuum Hot Water Boiler technical Parameter


Rated Heat


Natural gas consumption


Light oil consumption


Rated power


Distribution power




ZRY(Q)-10 10x104Kcal/H 12.3 10.5 220/50 0.25 0.9
ZRY(Q)-15 15x104Kcal/H 18.5 15.7 220/50 0.25 1.4
ZRY(Q)-20 20x104Kcal/H 24.7 20.9 220/50 0.43 1.9
ZRY(Q)-30 30x104Kcal/H 37.0 31.4 380/50 0.8 2.1
ZRY(Q)-40 40x104Kcal/H 49.4 41.8 380/50 1.0 2.4
ZRY(Q)-50 50x104Kcal/H 61.7 52.2 380/50 1.4 2.9
ZRY(Q)-60 60x104Kcal/H 74.1 62.7 380/50 1.4 3.1
ZRY(Q)-80 80x104Kcal/H 98.8 83.6 380/50 1.8 3.8
ZRY(Q)-100 100x104Kcal/H 123.4 104.5 380/50 2.6 4.5
ZRY(Q)-120 120x104Kcal/H 148.1 125.4 380/50 4.0 5.1
ZRY(Q)-150 150x104Kcal/H 185.2 156.8 380/50 5.5 7.1
ZRY(Q)-180 180x104Kcal/H 222.2 188.1 380/50 6.5 7.8
ZRY(Q)-200 200x104Kcal/H 246.9 209.1 380/50 6.5 8.3
ZRY(Q)-240 240x104Kcal/H 296.3 250.8 380/50 6.5 9.9
ZRY(Q)-300 300x104Kcal/H 370.3 313 380/50 9.0 13.4
ZRY(Q)-360 360x104Kcal/H 444.3 376 380/50 10.5 17.2
ZRY(Q)-480 480x104Kcal/H 592.5 - 380/50 25 24.4
ZRY(Q)-600 600x104Kcal/H 740.6 - 380/50 25 28.7
ZRY(Q)-900 900x104Kcal/H 1111 - 380/50 45 46.5
ZRY(Q)-1200 1200x104Kcal/H 1481 - 380/50 55 57.8

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