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DZL series

  • DZL Series Chain Gate Biomass Boilers
  • DZL Series Chain Gate Biomass Boilers
  • DZL Series Chain Gate Biomass Boilers
  • DZL Series Chain Gate Biomass Boilers
  • DZL Series Chain Gate Biomass Boilers
DZL Series Chain Gate Biomass BoilersDZL Series Chain Gate Biomass BoilersDZL Series Chain Gate Biomass BoilersDZL Series Chain Gate Biomass BoilersDZL Series Chain Gate Biomass Boilers

DZL Series Chain Gate Biomass Boilers

  • Types And Specifications:1Ton,2Ton,4Ton,6Ton~100Ton
  • Steam Pressure(MPa):1.0MPa,1.25MPa,1.6MPa,2.5MPa
  • Grate Area(M²):1.9M²,3.4M²,5.18M²~91M²
  • Steam Temperature(C°):184C°,194C°,226C°
  • Product descriptionDZL chain grate boiler is a kind of horizontal three-return fire and water tube composite boiler. In the boiler drum there is a thread smoke tube and left and right side of the furnace have light pipe

Product brief introduction:

DZL type biomass boiler is a horizontal three-way water and fire tube boiler.Arrange the threaded pipe in the drum,DZL series biomass boiler is a horizontal three-way water fire tube boiler. Arrange the threaded pipe in the drum, on both sides have the water wall tube, front and back arch with a new type of energy-saving furnace arch, the use of light small scale chain grate is more conducive to the combustion of biomass fuels, with a blower, induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation, and equipped with a slag machine to achieve automatic slag. The fuel from the coal bucket fell to the grate, enter into the furnace for combustion, the flame after the back arch refraction upward through the body both sides burning chamber turn to the front smoke box, and then by the front smoke box to the threaded pipe in inside of the drum, after through the back smoke box into the economizer, and then by the induced draft fan pump the smoke into the atmosphere through the chimney flue .

DZL Series Chain Gate Biomass Boilers

Product features:

1、By pulling the partial ascension pipe on both sides of the heads into the furnace, and then lead into drum side’s bottom and supplementing with the bottom of the drum to form the roof heating surface, the new furnace structure has successfully solved the bottom of the drum directly by the high temperature flameradiation, to avoid the "drum package" defects

2、Two wings smoke flue’s design,tom make the smoke flow into front smoke box smoothly and the same tube temperature as before to avoid the temperature stress and produce tube plate cracks.

3、The drum with a single return thread pipe, to strengthen the heat transfer effect, while the threaded pipe with self-cleaning function, to avoid the ash deposits inside the pipe.

4、Boiler front and back arch adopt support the water wall tube as support‘s overall casting structure, then the formation of permanent arch. The back arch is low and long, the exit section is anti-tilt, the front arch angle 45°,match the back arch, forming a clear inverted "α" flame, which is conducive to low-grade coal combustion and has good coal adaptability .

5、Grate lateral sealing structure design is advanced and reasonable, avoiding the lateral sealing card grate and the grate both sides uneven wind to cause the defects of burning out the side seal. 4t / h and less then 4t boiler adopts side seal cold angle iron plate structure, above 6t / h boiler adopts contact-type lateral sealing structure.

6、Under the grate have the independent adjustment wind chamber, from both sides inlet air; Using new crank arm screw adjusting structure, so that the air ventilation section ratio reaches 100%, flexible adjustment, ventilation uniform.Push-pull type gate segment soot cleaning device, gate segment adopts heat-resisting cast iron with seal structure, thus effectively preventing secondary combustion deformation and grate air leakage.

biomass boiler

DZL Series Chain Gate Biomass Boilers

DZL Series Steam Boiler Technical Parameters


Rated Output


Rated Steam Pressure


Steam Temperature


Smoke Temperature


Grate Area




DZL1-1.0-T 1 1.0 184 157.3 1.9 5.48x2x2.8
DZL2-1.25-T 2 1.25 194 163.1 3.4 5.7x2.6x3.3
DZL4-1.25-T 4 1.25 194 164 5.18 6.5x2.8x3.7
DZL6-1.25-T 6 1.25 194 166.3 7.55 8.2x2.9x3.6
DZL10-1.25-T 10 1.25 194 151.2 12 7.7x3.2x3.5
DZL15-1.25-T 15 1.25 194 161.6 18 7.6x3.3x3.5
DZL20-1.25-T 20 1.25 194 151.6 22.85 7.7x3.8x3.6
DZL30-1.25-T 30 1.25 194 157.6 27.5 7.9x2.4x2.5
DZL40-1.25-T 40 1.25 194 163.2 34.5 9.5x2x2.6
DZL65-2.5-T 65 2.5 226 164 58.35 9x2.4x2.6
DZL80-2.5-T 80 2.5 226 165 77 9.6x2.9x2.6
DZL100-2.5-T 100 2.5 226 167 91 9.6x2.9x2.7

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