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Bangladeshi customers visited Yinchen factory and signed orders for 2 sets thermal oil boilers YGL-1200T

December 6, 2017, Mr Iqbal.shahid from Bangladesh visited our factory and bought 2 sets oil boilers for garment industry.We picked them up at the airport and drove them to the workshop.The company provided professional engineers and translators to accompany him all the way. they will use the boiler in the clothing industry, and according to their requirements for temperature, we recommend the ygl-1200t boiler to them in detail and answered his questions.

After the visit to the workshop, we confirm the technical parameters of the drawing design in the conference room, and discuss in detail the payment method, the installation and after sale, and the transportation. They were satisfied about our excellent products quality and service. Finally, they bought two YGL-1200T boilers on the spot and highly praised us.


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