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Difference Between Horizontal Gas Fired Boiler And Vertical Gas Fired Boiler

The boiler is generally divided into vertical gas boiler and horizontal gas boiler, many users in the choice of these two types of boiler at a loss, We do not know which one is more suitable for themselves. In fact, Suitable for the production of their application is the most suitable boiler

Characteristics of vertical gas boiler

The combustion part adopts double grate combustion chamber, temperature and pressure quickly, the unburned gas after two times of combustion, to full combustion, smoke and dust removing function The upper part of the furnace body bent tube layout area for the convection heat pipe furnace grate, and the lower part of the stove body is arranged in the heat radiation area, structure of furnace and flue gas flow, reasonable layout, good heat, the boiler has the advantages of simple structure, reasonable design, convenient operation and maintenance, small occupation area, infrastructure investment, is used steam production of small enterprises, one of the ideal equipment for heating.

vertical gas boiler

Characteristics of horizontal gas boiler

1, large water capacity, high thermal efficiency, fast steam production, adequate steam, long service life, the configuration of high-quality brand-name burner and booster feed pump, sufficient combustion, water supply in time, low noise.

2, select the computer controller with self diagnosis function, automatically stop and sound and light alarm when running abnormally, point out the fault code, and convenient maintenance.

3, the protection device is complete, the combustion engine can be set after high temperature purging device, safe and reliable. The installation of high quality safety valve, pressure regulator, low water level and overheating protection and other multiple protection devices to ensure safe operation of the boiler.

4, compact structure, small footprint, elegant shape, bright color.

5, high efficiency and energy saving: furnace structure optimization, heating area is large, especially the three return boiler thermal efficiency is high, gas production fast, long service life. Equipped with high quality brand burner and booster feed pump, combustion is sufficient, no pollution, water supply is timely, and noise is low.

Horizontal gas boiler

Therefore, the choice of good gas boiler, mainly to see which is more suitable for their own needs, as well as the boiler safety factor, power, internal structure, boiler materials and so on.


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