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Wet Maintenance And Dry Maintenance Of Boiler Maintenance

When the boiler stops for a long time, it must be maintained to prevent corrosion of the boiler heating surface. Its maintenance methods are generally divided into dry and wet maintenance:

●Dry Maintenance

After the boiler is stopped, the internal fouling is cleaned, the dirt is cleaned with small fire, and the water vapour is opened when the door is opened. Then the lump lime (CaO) of the diameter 10-30mm is calculated by 2 to 3kg/m3, or with the anhydrous calcium chloride (CaCl2 particle size 10 to 15mm) by 1 to 2kg/m3, in the enamel basin, and then the cylinder is strictly closed. After every three months, some of the dryness is invalid and should be replaced. After the failure of calcium chloride is removed, it can be reheated, dried and reused. The dry method has good anticorrosive effect and is suitable for the long-term shutdown maintenance of industrial boilers.

● Wet Maintenance

Wet maintenance is to use alkaline solution to fill the boiler to prevent corrosion.

After the boiler is stopped, the boiler water is released, the internal fouling is cleaned up, then the soft water is softened to the normal water level, and then the solid medicine (such as three sodium phosphate Na3PO4) is dissolved into the concentration of 0.1 to 0.2%, and then the softened water is poured into the boiler until the boiler water comes out from the air valve, then the air valve and water supply valve are closed. Pot water is pH=10 to 12 alkaline to prevent metal corrosion.

During maintenance, the leakage of all door holes should be checked, if leakage should be eliminated in time, and the liquid should be checked regularly. If the alkalinity is reduced, it should be supplemented.

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