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Boiler production technological process

Yinchen Boiler Group owns many advanced production and processing equipment including CNC cutting machine,edge milling machine,CNC rolling machine, CNC tube sheep welder,automatic arc-submerging welder,argon arc welding machine,carbon dioxide gas shield welder. And there are also many test monitoring equipment such as radial inspection machine,ultrasonic flaw-detecting machine,physical and chemical experiment instrument,all-powerful machine testing machine, flue gas analyzer and so on.

Every CNC equipment can communicate with technique center over the network directly, which improve product production precision and shorten production period.
16 technologies make high quality boiler for user.

Boiler production technological process

PROCESS ONE: Cutting Stock

Cutting stock not only is the first process of boiler production ,but it also is the key process to guarantee boiler quality.In the process,the size of cutting stock not only must be exact,not only the material of cutting stock also must be right. The material in the cutting stock process must be qualified and conform to country and industry stipulation.Before cutting stock,the material must be taken samples and made a mark ,and the physicochemical property of material also is tested. Mark includes test number and color mark. The process can track and know the use of boiler plate.


Our company uses import numerical control flame cutting machine which can achieve 100 percent  full automatic CNC cutting and cutting stock.The main advantage is following:
1.Computer automatic programming. It can cut the plate of any shape.
2.Fast cutting
3.High work efficiency
4.Pinpoint accuracy.The size of components and parts is very exact.
5.High plate use ratio

PROCESS THREE: Edge Preparation

Edge milling machine finishes edge preparation.The main advantage is following:
1.maximum production length :12 meters
2.Different angle production:from 0-45 degree to meet to weld different connection.
3.Straightness error is less than 0.3mm/m. Total straightness error is less than 1.5mm. Surface smoothness is up to Ra6.3.

Boiler production technological process

PROCESS FOUR: Rolling Round

Rolling round is a basic process. After the process,boiler basic shape form.In the process,the main machine is Sanhui all-power rolling machine.The main advantage  is following:
1.Rolled the largest cylinder :
maximum plate thick:30mm,
maximum plate width:2500mm,
maximum diameter 2600mm
2.Also rolling tapered cylinder. The range of rolling is very wide.
3.Automatic programming, high work efficiency
4.Steel plate do not need to be bent in advance.The quality also is very high to guarantee the boiler assembling in the latter process.

PROCESS FIVE: Cutting Edge

Cutting edge: cutting edge process is mainly aimed at tube plate, tapered furnace straight segment to carry on the cutting edge, cutting groove and skiving machining process. Maximum working diameter of 1400 mm, can guarantee the accuracy of the flat end face plate edge, groove size and compression of a compound requirements


Reaming: Our company in the processing of each tube sheet hole, the first, using CNC cutting machines to cut hole, and then use the method of radial drill bore hole to improve the quality of the hole. The benefit of this way are: 1, Do not need manual marking , Three times more efficient ; 2, processing small amount of deformation, stress is low; 3, high-cut position and dimensional accuracy.

PROCESS SEVEN: Assembling Furnace

The procedure is mainly aimed at the body needed parts assembled into a complete parts. Furnace components need before and after cone bravery, corrugated furnace and back combustion chamber, furnace is one of the most important parts of the boiler. On the structure design, gas oil fuel vertical boiler adopts plain furnace, horizontal boiler adopts the corrugated furnace, can not only solve the problem of thermal expansion of the boiler itself, but also can increase the rate of heat transfer, effectively reduced the volume of the boiler.


Welding: Our company adopts the automatic submerged arc welding, TIG welding and carbon dioxide arc welding for the circumferential seam, longitudinal seam and fillet weld formed between pressure parts miscellaneous and non-pressure parts try to weld. Submerged arc welding main features: 1,high welding speed, high production efficiency; 2, good weld quality, forming beautiful; 3, welding quality stability; 4, save welding materials and energy saving

PROCESS NINE: NDT(Non-destructive Test)

NDT: The quality of the welding seam test, will directly affect the safety of the boiler operation. For this,our company specially set up for weld orientation, circumferential X-ray nondestructive flaw detection process. The equipment reliability, high safety, to ensure the correctness of the welding quality inspection and evaluation.

PROCESS TEN: Hydrostatic Test

Hydrostatic Test: Hydrostatic Test is not only an important process to test strength and tightness of pressure element, but also a critical step in Comprehensive inspection of boiler operation’s security. This process must accept the stopping point detection by Quality and Technical Supervision Boiler Inspection. Our hydrostatic testing a passing rate of 100%, to ensure that users use Yinchen Boiler is absolutely safe.

PROCESS ELEVEN: Thermal Testing

The Thermal Testing: Thermal test process is a simulation performance testing for finished products before they go out. This step is also one of the most important process in inspecting the performance of the final product quality, and it is a unique of Yinchen Boiler Group. This process can ensure that each boiler operation parameters meet the design requirements, using the boiler is more security and reliability. And it can provide reliable parameter data for  the boiler  improve in the future.

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