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Common fault list of Gas oil fired thermal oil boiler

Thermal Oil Boiler Failure

Cause of Thermal Oil Boiler Failure

Troubleshooting Method

The temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the thermal oil boiler exceeds the specified value (determined by test and operation).

1. reduction of fuel supply for circulating pumps

2. overload operation

3. heat transfer oil deterioration

4. heating and heating equipment do not match.

5. poor insulation

6. oil contains gas and steam.

1. remove oil pump and piping fault.

2. down to normal load operation

3. new oil

4. reasonable selection of coal fired heating furnace

5. re insulation

6. continue to degassing and steam.

The air hammer is found in the conveying pipe, and the pointer of the inlet and outlet pressure gauge oscillate.

When the new oil is added, the air is not exhausted.

Take off the air

Low level of expansion tank

Pipeline system (including oil stove) is not replenish oil in time after oil leakage or degassing.

1. Eliminating system defects

2. New oil supplement

The pressure difference is lower than the given value or the inlet pressure is less than the pressure gauge setting value, and the outlet pressure is greater than the pressure gauge setting value.

1. circulating pump suction

2. steam in steam.

3. the resistance of the filter is large.

4. oil leakage of heating furnace tube

5. the valve on the outlet line is not opened.

1. eliminate oil pump and piping defects.

2. cooking and degassing.

3. cleaning filter

4. check the heating coil in the furnace.

5. check the valve on the outlet line and open it in place.

Pipeline oil circulation is not smooth.

1. filter clogging

2. viscosity of hot oil increased.

3. valves are not fully open.

4. Sundries remain in the tube.

1. cleaning filter

2. replenish or replace heat transfer oil.

3. open the valve.

4. removal of impurities in pipes


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