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General office of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of gas boiler risk warning notice no. 2 (2017)

On January 12, 2017 morning, zhijiang city, hubei province an enterprise in a horizontal combustion boiler explosion accidents occur when debugging ignition furnace, 2 people were killed and seven wounded.A preliminary analysis of the accident was due to the use of the unit during normal operation of the burner program controller, violations will open gas safety shut-off valve forced short on electricity, cause before ignition gas into the furnace and air mixture reach the explosion limit, when the program controller running to the ignition combustion chamber of a stove or furnace.In recent years due to the environmental protection requirements, the rapid increase the amount of gas boiler, gas safety risk also will increase accordingly.In order to ensure the safety of the gas boiler operation, will now about risk warning notice is as follows:

A matching, burner

Boiler manufacturing enterprise shall indicate it in the boiler factory technical data burner configuration, technical requirements, provide burner configuration scheme of mature technology, safe and reliable, in boiler apparent position with warning labels, debugging and clear boiler ignition and other security considerations.In general, the burner should be responsible for selection by the boiler manufacturing enterprise;Special cases need to be used by the boiler unit selection, use the unit should be confirmed by matching the burner according to the boiler manufacturing enterprise regulations, the configuration of the technical requirements.Boiler installation bpvi shall for matching of the burner is in line with the boiler manufacturing enterprise of technical requirements for verification.

Second, the burner type testing

Burner shall conform to the boiler safety technology supervision regulation security requirements of technical specifications and standards, such as fuel gas burner should be through the type testing.In the related safety technical specifications before revision, recommendations related to choose the type testing qualified burner, in order to improve the level of safety performance, energy conservation and environmental protection of boiler.

Third, use requirement

Boiler using unit shall not change the settlement column burner operation control program.Boiler use units shall, in accordance with the relevant safety requirements of technical specification, the burner, boiler safety accessories and safety interlock for routine check.Need to repair the burner, the boiler shall use the unit, please burner manufacturing unit or its authorized unit.

Four, debugging,

New boiler installation after the completion of the system debugging should be used by boiler unit and boiler installation or boiler manufacturing enterprise jointly completed, when debugging, should by the corresponding qualification of boiler operation personnel for boiler operation.To the burner debugging, shall be made by the burner unit or its authorized technical personnel on-site guidance.And burner boiler system during debugging, the safety of the boiler unit using the management institution shall ensure that the irrelevant personnel shall not be gathered in the vicinity of the boiler.

Five, alteration, repair

Boiler burner reconstruction or replacement shall be performed in accordance with the provisions of the repair of the boiler construction processes, the boiler burner reconstruction, replacement and debugging is responsible by the burner manufacturer or its authorized unit, boiler unit using ready to work with.Using unit shall, after the completion of burner alteration or replacement of boiler safety valve, safety interlock protection device safety checking in the attachment, and form our own record.Any modification, repair and replacement of the burner may reduce the safety of the boiler performance and energy efficiency indicators and shall conform to the requirements of environmental protection.When external inspection institution for boiler inspection shall also inspect the unit using the above inspection records, at the same time focusing on the burner is through the type testing and safety attachment is in accordance with the requirements for inspection.

coal-fired boiler is unfavorable for gas, oil or other liquid fuel boiler.When special circumstances require modification, shall, in accordance with the modification to the relevant provisions of boiler.

Sixth, other

Gas boiler before installation, the relevant units shall, in accordance with the GB 50028 specification for design of urban gas "and other national standards or industry standards to determine the safe and reliable way of gas supply, gas supply system used in pressure vessel, pressure piping and gas cylinders should conform to the relevant special equipment safety requirements of technical specifications and standards.

Quality supervision, inspection and quarantine

On January 24, 2017


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