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Operation time and thermal conductivity of gas fired boilers

Scale and rust will occur in gas boiler after a long time of operation. The main reason for the formation of scale in gas boiler is that the hardness of feed water is formed by evaporation and concentration at high temperature and high pressure.

The gas boiler in operation in the furnace will have a series of physical and chemical reaction process in use will eventually form a hard and compact scale on heating surface, this will directly lead to the low efficiency of heat exchange and corrosion due to scale, will lead to boiler waterwall bore endothermic reduction.

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Gas fired boiler furnace temperature in the process of rising, will increase the loss of the boiler, equipment in the water wall fouling will reduce the heat transfer effect, so it may lead to water wall tube wall temperature increase and water wall tube burst.

The thermal conductivity of gas boiler scale is only one tenth of that of steel in operation. When the heating surface is scaled, the heat transfer effect will be hindered. In order to keep the boiler in use, the temperature of the fire side must be raised.

Gas-fired boilers can be cleaned with highly efficient and environmentally friendly non-corrosive cleaning agents, which will expose the original metal color of the equipment and reduce the impact of fouling and biological algae sludge.

After ignition of gas boiler, it is necessary to observe the temperature of flue gas and main steam, and the rise of main steam pressure. When the temperature of flue gas rises slowly or the temperature of flue gas does not rise after ignition, the ignition of oil gun should be checked immediately.


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