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Selection Of Burner For Oil/Gas Fuel Boiler

1、The choice of burner must take into account the backpressure and power selection of the boiler product design, and the output power of the burner must be greater than the designed backpressure.

2、Under the premise of meeting the back pressure, the output power of the matching model is generally 1.2 times of the output power and prevents the machine from being too large.

3、Gas burner must also take into account the pressure and flow of the gas source, the pressure of the gas source is usually about 3.15Pa to 31.5Pa, the pressure before the combustion equipment can be adjusted to about 10.5 Pa, the flow rate is more than 1.2 times more than the maximum use flow, the selection of flow must also take into account the pressure of the gas source at the same time, the lower the pressure, the flow ( Pipe diameter must be increased, otherwise it can not meet the requirements of product combustion.

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