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2 ton WNS Series Gas Fuel Condensing Steam Boiler for Greece

Model:                                     WNS2-1.0-Q

Fuel:                                        Natural Gas

Rated Evaporation Capacity:  2.0 t/h(tph), 1.4MW

Pressure:                                 1.0Mpa, 10bar, 10kg/m2, 145psi

Application:                             Packaging plant

According to the requirements of customers for the use of cost, WNS series boiler, equipped with condenser, and save fuel 5%-7%. Condenser can reduce the exhaust gas temperature, and make the thermal efficiency reach more than 94%. The steel aluminum composite fin tube heat exchanger has the characteristics of high efficiency and small resistance of the flue gas system, so it can achieve high efficiency and low consumption. At the same time condenser can reduce the exhaust condenser temperature to 95 ℃. The emissions of harmful substances such as nitrogen oxides, cyclooxygenase, SOX and so on have been greatly reduced, and the environmental protection effect has also been achieved.

WNS series horizontal three return condensate gas steam boiler, the Yinchen boilers  production to meet customer requirements of the national boiler CE certification, is the best solution for high efficiency and low cost environment-friendly boiler.


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