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What is the WNS series steam boiler three-return structure?

The burner which is equipped with WNS steam boiler sprayed flame into the corrugated furnace and the flame reached the reversal chamber(The first return),after retrace from the reversal chamber then through the short thread pipe returned to the front smoke box(The second return), turn 180° back from the front smoke box, through the long thread pipe and arrive at the back smoke box(The third return).after the convection heat transfer discharged into air.

The three return structure with corrugated tube and thread smoke pipe can not only improve the heat absorption of the steam boiler,but also meet the need of heat expansion of the heat exchange surface.The three return structure design is scientific and reasonable.

WNS series steam boiler three-return structure

WNS series steam boiler have the advantages in following:

1. Progressiveness: The boiler is equipped with good performance burner and advanced techniques.

2. Automatic:The burning control,water feed,programs run,etc,is full automatic.

3. Maturity: Has the advantage of compact structure,high efficiency,simple operation,easy installation,less pollution.

4. Little Noise: Efficient threaded pipe with sound insulation outsourcing design.

5. Safety: Auto protection when Over temperature, Over pressure, Water leaking, Water shortage.

6. Economy: Save fuel costs and improve the economy efficiency.

7. Intelligence: Electric control cabinet:PLC screen,display both English and Chinese.Set up parameter,record and analyze the operation data.

8. Durable: Wet back structure,to avoid make back smoke box by high temperature smoke scour and hardly damaged.

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WNS series steam boiler


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