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How to accept a boiler

1. Notice of acceptance of boiler:

(1) When opening the box to choose the right tools,,Do not force too hard to damage the equipment in the box;

(2) According to the packing list provided by our company, we should verify the name, model, specification and quantity of the equipment parts, random accessories, spare parts and subsidiary materials, and the completeness of the factory certificate and other technical documents;

⑶ The rotation and sliding parts of the equipment must not be rotated or slid before the anti rust oil is cleared. Grease should be removed during inspection.;

⑷ Pay attention to the environmental conditions, such as wind, snow, rain and other weather when opening the equipment;

⑸ For damaged instruments and small parts and valves should be properly kept. Boiler mainframe should be covered with square wood to prevent moisture corrosion.;

⑹ When the boiler is unloading, crane lifting capacity should be considered when lifting the crane.

Installation and acceptance of boiler

2、Acceptance of boiler:

Before the installation of the boiler, the inspection and acceptance work must be carried out to check whether the size of the boiler is in accordance with the drawings, the shape and the related dimensions of the equipment, and the internal quality of the foundation should be understood and checked so as to prevent the problems arising from the tilt of the foundation, the sinking or the strength of the ground after the equipment is in place.

After inspection, if found unqualified, it should be repaired.


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