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What are the five advantages of gas steam boilers?

gas steam boiler is a steam boiler that uses natural gas as a fuel. In general, we recommend users to use gas-fired steam boilers. That’s because gas-fired steam boilers have great advantages over coal-fired boilers, oil-fired boilers and electric boilers.
advantages of gas steam boilers

advantages of gas steam boiler

1. gas steam boiler is a kind of environmental protection boiler

Natural gas is a clean fuel that does not produce harmful gases and fumes during combustion. But coal-fired boilers in the use of the process will produce hazardous gases and fumes, which is one of the most important reasons that affect air quality. Therefore, many countries and regions prohibit the use of coal-fired boilers.
What are the five advantages of gas steam boilers

2. gas steam boiler is a kind of energy-saving boiler

In China, the cost of a gas boiler is 240 yuan / ton when producing 1 ton of steam, 594 yuan / ton for oil-fired boilers, 465 yuan / ton for liquefied gas and 700 yuan / ton for electric boilers. Compared to oil-fired boiler, electric boiler, the gas-fired boiler is the most economical in terms of fuel cost. (Specific cost is decided by the local situation.)

advantages of gas steam boiler

3. the thermal efficiency of gas steam boiler is relatively high

Compared with coal-fired boiler, oil-fired boiler, electric boiler, thermal efficiency of gas-fired boiler is the highest. Generally it can reach more than 90%.

4. gas steam boiler long service life

Gas-fired steam boiler uses clean fuels, so it does not generate soot and dust in the furnace when burning, so the service life is longer than other types of boilers    

5. gas steam boiler is the development trend in the future of the boiler

The development of boiler has been toward energy-saving, efficient and environmentally friendly direction, and gas boilers to meet these three needs. Gas-fired boilers are generally used extensively in many developed countries. Therefore, gas-fired boilers will be widely used in industrial production and heating.


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