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LSH series rice husk fired steam boiler for beer brewery in Southeast Asia

The beer production process is divided into malt manufacturing, malt juice manufacturing, post fermentation, filtration and sterilization, packaging and other processes, and almost every production process needs steam boilers.

For Southeast Asia, it is rich in rice produce, so there are always rice husk left,which may cause waste, LSH series steam boiler can solve the problem perfectly. For one thing, it can use rice husk as fuel, so customers can make good use of waste rice husk in Southeast Asia, they can save the fuel money. For another, it will be more environmental and reduces sulphide emission than coal fired. In a word, LSH series rice husk fired steam boiler is a suitable choice for Southeast Asia customers.

LSH series rice husk fired steam boiler is also widely used in other industries, such as food factory, printing and dyeing, pharmaceuticals, clothing ironing and so on.

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steam boiler for beer brewery

LSH series rice husk fired steam boiler’s Features in following

1. High Efficiency: The exhaust gas passes through the force convection tube bundle, improving the efficiency of the boilers.

2. Save Energy: Because of the multi-pass and multi-return, the dust can be removed naturally, so the boiler will work without induced draft fan to save coal of 25%-30%.

3. Better combustion: Smoke wind resistance is small, furnace space is big, combustion condition is good.

4. Reasonable Design: Simple structure, small occupied areaeasy to maintenances and cleanness.

5. Safety And Reliable:Stressed uniformly, strength is high, safety and reliable to use.

6. Operation Easily: Fixed grate, large size furnace so the boilers can operate easily.

7. Less Noise: Boiler adopts the natural ventilation and has no noise without needing a fan or induced draft fan.

8. Economical and practical: Occupied area is small, boiler room simpleWidely use various fuel.

LSH series rice husk fired steam boiler for beer brewery


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