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Henan Yinchen Group LSS Series Steam Boiler with High Thermal Efficiency

Henan Yinchen group as a professional boiler manufacturer of more than 40 years experience,has achieved great success on improving steam boiler thermal efficiency.
Such as LSS series steam boiler,the thermal efficiency can reach more than 96.5% and the warm-up time is particularly short.

once through gas oil fired steam boiler
The boiler thermal efficiency refers to the percentage of the effective utilization of heat by the boiler in the unit time, or the percentage of the effective heat input corresponding to the input heat per kilogram of fuel (solid and liquid fuel) or the standard cubic meter (gas fuel).
With special W-type smoke gas process,convection heat transfer is very strong,high heat transfer coefficient,LSS series once through gas oil fired steam boiler can produce steam in cold water condition within 3-5 minutes,while the traditional oil/gas fired boiler generate steam will take 30-40 minutes.A economizer can be installed can improve the efficiency of more than 2%.Made of stainless steel material with good heat preservation effect.With excellent sealed performance,the whole flue gas channels are in the boiler host to ensure high efficiency.
LSS series steam boiler also has the advantages of automatic control and environmental protection and so on.There are also many high thermal efficiency boilers,like WNS series steam boilers,YYL series organic heat carrier boilers,if you want to learn more,please feel free to contact us,we are online 7*24 hours.

Lss series steam boiler


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