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How to clean the fouling of the boiler?

The fouling of the boiler is the first harm of the boiler. If it is not cleaned in time, the light will obstruct the heat transfer and waste a lot of fuel. The heavy ones will cause boiler accidents, threaten personal safety and cause economic losses. Therefore, we must promptly clean the fouling in the boiler.

To Clean fouling in boiler, special boiler descaling agent should be used.

  1. Open the boiler inlet; (1.5 ton boiler for example);
  2. Add the boiler descaling agent to the boiler according to the ratio of 1:10.
  3. Fill the water to the highest water level and wait for 2 hours, so that the detergent solution can fully react with fouling.
  4. Open the drain, drain detergent cleaning liquid;
  5. Rinse the water and rinse the work.

Well, the above is the specific method of cleaning the fouling of the boiler,The actual operation please consult professional team.


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