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Common Faults And Solutions Of Gas Steam Boiler

In case of failure, the cause of failure must be checked first.

1. The circuit;

2, oil supply (gas) road;

3. Interlocking control device.


Cause Of Failure


Operation button does not start

1 pressure controller switch is cut off

2 the water level of the boiler is reduced to the low water level

3 oil temperature and oil pressure did not reach the set value

4 the automatic switch of combustion location is not all pressed into automatic position.

5 switch off and not start

6 Fire normal and safety switch action

7 pressure controller circuit break off

8 fan, burners motor power off

9 air blower burner motor overload

10 abnormal shutdown and self locking of gas blast

11 gas pressure is too high (low), automatic stop burning

1 when the steam pressure drops, it can start

2 reboot after the water level is reset

3 check the oil temperature, the oil pressure set is normal

4 switch the switch to automatic position

5 "Reset" again from the new press

6 press safety switch

7, from the pressure controller circuit, according to its circuit sequence, explore the broken line.

8 check motor power supply

9 adjustment of electromagnetic switch

10 check the cause of fan fault by manual reset and restart

11 check pressure manual reset and then put automatically

Burner can not ignite

1 point fire gap is wrong

2 points on the stick can not spark the spark

3 nozzles are blocked, not out of air

4 burning at low load, imbalance of oil volume (air volume) and air ratio.

5 mixed with air or water in fuel

6 electric eyes can't adapt

Lens is not clean

The position of the installation is not appropriate and the flame is not detected

Electric eye malfunction

Program control failure

7 oil temperature is not enough

8 the fuel operated air valve is out of order, the air pressure is unstable, the air volume and the gas volume are out of order, and the ratio is not correct.

1 adjustment gap

2 loosen the burner and remove the electrode rod to clear it


3 cleaning nozzles

4 regulator (pressure regulation) for regulating oil volume (gas volume)

The position of the device

5 remove the air from the pipe and plug the leakage

Remove the accumulated water in the oil tank or preheater immediately.

6 examination of electric eye

Net lens

2. Observe the flame state in the net sight tube and check whether there is any abnormal shape in the furnace.

Change the new eye

Change the new program controller

7 pay attention to the temperature of fuel oil

8 check valve control valve

Not by low combustion transformation

1 program controller (computer) line fault

2 program controller balanced turnover fault

3 program controller itself fuse break or fault

4 pressure controller failure

5 Gas leakage

1 inspection line
2 switch head in clean balance
3 check controller such as failure swab or update
4 check the contact point of the distribution line of the pressure controller
5 check the double solenoid valve, whether the valve indication switch and the pressure leak detector are tightly switched.

Burn into high load but return to low combustion with slight increase in pressure.

1Pressure controller setting wrong;

1The pressure controller is adjusted to the appropriate value with different load.

After the pressure limiter is broken, the controller starts to move after a considerable time pressure.

1Pressure regulation setting is wrong

1The pressure controller is adjusted to move slowly from high combustion to low combustion, and the combustion is stopped after a short combustion at low combustion position.

Start and stop pressure with different pressure controller settings.

1 pressure controller is abnormal

2 pressure tube or cork and pressure controller block.

1Correction of pressure controller installation to vertical

2 remove the dirt on the pressure controller and the cock pressure pipe.

Cut off the low water level and no alarm, the water pump work ceaselessly.

1. low water level controller fault

2, line fault or connection controller circuit breaker.

1 do low water level test every day, keep control

Normal working state of the system

2 check whether the connection between the line and the controller is short circuited

Low load combustion is unstable.

1, the amount of burning oil is too small

2, the mixture of air or water in the fuel

3, gas pressure is too low and gas supply is unstable

1 increase the oil amount of low load combustion

2 the leakage point of the safety inspection leakage point in the drain pipe to the drain drain

3 additional configuration of gas low pressure protection

emitting White smoke

1Oil is less than air

1Increase the amount of oil to the level of no white smoke

emitting black smoke

1 insufficient air volume

2 internal carbon accumulation
3 Oil is not quality

1 increase the adjustment of air volume

2 cleaning nozzle and filter net

Exhaust Overheating

1Too many combustible burning objects attached to the pipe

2 the excess air is too large

1 removal of smoke pipe

2 adjust the reasonable amount of air


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