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Denver hostel fire code violations include faulty electrical wiring and leaking gas boiler


The International Youth Hostel in Denver on August 23, 2016. Photo provided by 7News


A youth hostel in Denver, shut down by the city Tuesday, violated numerous fire codes including a natural gas leak in a boiler, unsafe electrical wiring and an excessive amount of combustible materials stored in the basement.

Gas and electricity to the Denver International Youth Hostel, a private business in North Capitol Hill at 630 E. 16th Ave., has been turned off until the owner fixes the array of dangerous violations, said Melissa Taylor, a Denver Fire Department spokeswoman.

“The dwelling has to remain unoccupied and unused” until violations are brought up to code, Taylor said.

Other violations, according to the fire department, include unsafe electrical wiring, a rear stairway and balcony collapse, extension cords replacing permanent electrical wiring, holes in walls, blocked egress paths and missing or broken life-safety devices — smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, exit signs and emergency egress lighting.

“As a result of these violations, the building was deemed unsafe and was immediately evacuated without notice,” the fire department said in a news release.

An “order to comply” with correcting violations has been issued by the city and includes eventual inspection and approval of the fire department and Denver Developmental Services.

The building’s owner, Richard W. Mitchell, according to city property records, could not be immediately reached for comment.

Meanwhile, Denver Human Services has partnered with other city departments and community organizations, including the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army, to aid people displaced by the hostel closure.

Human services has aided 25 displaced people with emergency shelter and other needs including transportation, clothing and food.

Article from:http://www.denverpost.com/2016/08/24/denver-hostel-fire-code-violations-include-faulty-electrical-wiring-and-leaking-gas-boiler/


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