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What is the gas consumption of gas boiler?

About 1 tons of gas fired boiler will consume about 75 cubic meters of natural gas in 1 hours. Mainly depends on the calorific value of the gas and the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

The calculation formula of gas consumption for gas fired boiler is: Gas consumption per hour of gas-fired boiler = power * time / fuel calorific value / calorific value utilization ratio of gas-fired boiler. The power of 1 ton gas boiler is 0.7MW, the calorific value of fuel is calculated according to 35.53MJ/N per cubic meter, and the thermal efficiency of boiler is between 90%. Then, 1 tons of natural gas boilers consume 1 seconds of =0.7MW*3600 seconds /35.53MJ/Nm3/90%.

So theoretical data: the gas consumption of 1 ton natural gas boiler is about 75 cubic meters.

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