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What Are The Factors Inducing Steam Boiler Accidents?

The safety of steam boiler is very important. If it is used improperly and the operation is not standard, it is easy to cause serious accidents and endanger the safety of life and property. So for users who use steam boilers, it is necessary to seriously understand the causes of steam boiler accidents specific ?

1. Steam-water co-boiling: In the operation of a steam boiler, if the water quality of the boiler is poor or the salt content in the water is high, and the load of the boiler increases too fast, it will cause the phenomenon of steam-water co-boiling. Its main characteristics are: the water level of the water gauge fluctuates violently, the water in the boiler produces bubbles, and the steam temperature drops. In severe cases, there will be water shock in the pipeline. In this way, steam boilers will be affected or damaged to a certain extent, so, if the boiler appears steam and water co-transpiration phenomenon, we must strengthen the treatment of water quality, as well as sewage discharge work.

2. The main cause of tube explosion is corrosion or scaling caused by poor water quality. Water shortage of boiler can also lead to tube explosion. In addition, tube explosion accidents may occur due to design defects, insufficient material strength and poor welding quality. When tube explosion occurs, it will be accompanied by significant explosive sound. At the same time, the water level and air pressure will obviously be home, if this happens to stainless steel chain, it is necessary to correct the emergency shutdown operation.

3. Boiler overpressure operation, light will cause component deformation, heavy will cause accidents, resulting in steam boiler overpressure reasons: the boiler manager blindly increase the pressure of the boiler, leave work without authorization, did not observe boiler abnormal situation in time, therefore, we must strengthen the boiler operator's operating standards and Management system.

4. When the steam boiler is seriously short of water, it will lead to the deformation and damage of the pressure causes, and even may lead to explosion accidents. When the gas boiler is found to be short of water, make-up water or stop operation according to the actual situation.

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