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Structural Features Of Oil/ Gas Boiler

Because oil/gas fuel boiler and coal-fired boiler use different fuels, So the structure has the following:

(1) the fuel is injected into the boiler furnace through the burner, and the chamber is fired without the need of grate facilities.

(2) since the oil and gas do not generate ash after combustion, there is no slag discharge and slag removal equipment in the oil/gas fuel boiler.

(3) If the oil gas or gas is injected into the furnace, the explosive gas is easily formed if the flame is extinguished or mixed with the air in a certain range. Therefore, the oil/gas fuel boiler furnace must adopt automatic combustion system, including the safety facilities such as flame monitoring, extinguishing, explosion protection and so on.

(4) As the calorific value of oil and gas than coal, the heat intensity of the oil/gas fuel boiler is much higher than that of the coal-fired boiler. Therefore, the Oil/Gas Boiler’s furnace is small volume, compact structure and small footprint.

(5) the combustion process of the oil/gas fuel boiler is suspended in the furnace, so the front and rear arches are set in the furnace, and the furnace structure is very simple.



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