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How to select a steam boiler (consideration of factors)

The choice of steam boilers should be taken into account when combined with heat load and fuel determination. The boiler for heating and ventilation should be used as the heating medium. The boiler for production gas should use steam as the heating medium; At the same time, the boiler for producing gas and heating and living heat can choose steam or hot water as the heating medium.

The selection of heating parameters for steam boiler should meet the requirements of the user's thermal parameters and reasonable heat use: the pressure and temperature of steam boiler. According to the requirements of heating and ventilation and production technology, the internal resistance loss of the pipe network and the boiler room is considered, and the steam boiler type spectrum is used to determine.

The choice of steam boiler considerations: for the boiler set in the high-rise and multi-storey buildings, the rated pressure of the steam boiler shall not exceed the steam boiler. In order to facilitate the design, installation, operation and maintenance, the same type and the medium selection are used in the same boiler room. It is best not to exceed two kinds of boilers in different types of boilers.

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