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How to Install a Gas Steam Boiler - Installing Preparation

gas steam boiler Installing Preparation

Gas Steam Boiler case

  1. Confirming the installing gas steam boiler. The installing nuit must have the relative boiler installing qualifications.
  2. Handling the informing formality. Before installing the boiler, pls handle the informing formality in the native Quality Technology Inspection Department.
  3. Installing the quality subsection acceptance inspection and water-pressure test, which should be conducted by the boiler installing nuit together with the using unit. The overall acceptance inspection has the delegate of the boiler pressure vessel safety inspection institution on the scene.
  4. After the qualified installing acceptance, the boiler using unit should handle the boiler registration formality in the boiler pressure vessel safety inspection institution of the native quality technology inspection administration department with taking the relative materials. After getting the boiler using registration qualification, the boiler can be used.
  5. The boiler must be operated by the person who passed the quality and technology inspection department test.
  6. Organizing the worker to study the installing technology measures, safety technology measures, 《Steam Boiler Safety Technology Inspection Specifications》,(in short“ steam specifications”, TSG G0002-2010 《Boiler Energy-saving Technology Inspection Management Specifications》, GB50273-2009《Boiler Installing Project Construction and Acceptance Inspection Specifications》and be familiar with the boiler drawing and the relative technical files.
  7. Before installing the boiler, the operating personnel should check the boiler body, the burner equipment, parts, accessories and the attachment according to the technical files and make the records. If finding the unmatched things, pls inform the factory about this in time.

Gas Steam Boiler Installing Preparation

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