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What Are The Uses Of Steam Boilers?

Steam boiler is widely used and plays an important role in production and life.


Steam boiler: food processing, medical industry as well as filling bottles used for disinfection,

The food industry can be used as a carnivorous, steamed food. The wine is also made of steam. 

Steam boiler: through the heat exchanger, exchange the heat of steam, feed water, heat the water, and then heat, heat, bathe, produce and so on.


Petrochemical Industry: steam can heat oil and increase fluidity. Steam is also used in the process of petrochemical production. 

Production enterprise with wider use, such as insulation foam plate production by steam heating raw materials for production of foam. Wood for furniture is steam dried to make furniture. Building aerated bricks also need steam drying, power generation and so on.

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Application field of coal, fuel, electric heating and gas steam generator:


Washing and ironing industry: Equipment matching for dry cleaning machine, dryer, water washer, dehydrator, ironing machine, iron and so on.


Washing and ironing industry: dry cleaning machines, drying machines, washing machines, dehydrator, ironing machines, irons and other equipment.


Bio chemical industry: supporting equipment for fermentor, reactor, sandwich pot, mixer, emulsifier and other equipment.


Food machinery industry: supporting the use of tofu machine, steam box, sterilization tank, packaging machine, coating equipment, sealing machine and other equipment.


Other industries: steam cleaning industry (oil field, automobile), steam or hot water supply for (hotels, dormitories, schools), concrete maintenance (bridge, railway), etc.

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