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ZLRF Series

  • LRF Series Hot Air Stove
  • LRF Series Hot Air Stove
  • LRF Series Hot Air Stove
  • LRF Series Hot Air Stove
LRF Series Hot Air StoveLRF Series Hot Air StoveLRF Series Hot Air StoveLRF Series Hot Air Stove

LRF Series Hot Air Stove

  • Types And Specifications:LRF-20~LRF-600
  • Thermal Efficiency(%):82%
  • Operating Temperature(°C):150°C~500°C
  • Working Medium:Air
  • Product descriptionLRF series hot air stove is our company and the China Shipbuilding Industry Group jointly developed a new generation of heating products.

Product brief introduction:hot air stove

LRF series hot air stove is our company and the China Shipbuilding Industry Group jointly developed a new generation of heating products. the product adopts multipoint spiral groove film heat transfer technology, the combustion and heat transfer design integration, so that the product structure is compact, reasonable, heat transfer strength, heating up fast, high thermal efficiency. With a small footprint, easy installation and operation, hot air clean, stable performance and so on. The hot air furnace using indirect heat transfer technology, with clean air as heat transfer medium for all walks of life with the thermal process to provide the ideal direct heat source, the heating temperature is divided into low temperature (80 ~ 150 ), the temperature (200 ~ 300 ), high temperature (400 ~ 550 ), three grades, customers can choose according to the requirements of drying process.

The combustion chamber of the hot air furnace is integrated with the heat exchanger,adopt the whole steel plate multi-layer sleeve structure. The lower part of the heart is the combustion chamber, the upper part and the surrounding is the circular heat exchanger. Both the air and the flue gas are double return, Its Road for heat transfer. In order to improve the thermal efficiency, adopt multipoint spiral groove heat transfer technology and turbulence principle, thin laminar flow thickness, so that air and smoke in the continuous exchange of rotation, greatly enhanced the heat transfer effect.

Work process: coal in the furnace produce high-temperature flue gas, in the role of the fan into the smoke ring, with the outside air for heat exchange, then through the flue discharged from the chimney, cold air blown into the hot air furnace shell by the air blower, through the furnace top flow into furnace outside the air ring, by the hot air outlet pipe flow into the equipment which need clean hot air.

Product Feature:
1.Adopts the multipoint spiral groove heat transfer technology and flow principle, all-steel plate multi-layer sleeve structure, high thermal efficiency.
2.Supply heating temperature is high, heating range is wide, hot air temperature can be adjusted according to the demand.
3.No pressure operation, safe and reliable.
4.Use the clean hot air as drying medium, hot air clean and non-pollution.
5.Unique rotary type line secondary combustion chamber, burning more sufficiently, and widely used in the chemical fertilizer, cement, metal flux, aluminium oxide, wood and other materials, which are not high requirement for dusty and the drying of inedible material.

ZLRF Series Hot Air Stove Technical Parameters

Type Rated Heating Capacity (Kcal/H) Use Temperature (°C) Working Medium Fuel design Rated Thermal Efficiency (%) Coal Consumption (Kg/H) Size (M)
LRF-20(20万) 20*104 150-500 Air Bituminous Coal 82 32 φ1.466x2.8
LRF-40(40万) 40*104 65 φ1.66x3.3
LRF-60(60万) 60*104 98 φ2.06x4.62
LRF-80(80万) 80*104 120 φ2.06x4.82
LRF-100(100万) 100*104 150 φ2.4x5.7
LRF-120(120万) 120*104 180 φ2.6x5.856
LRF-160(160万) 160*104 256 φ3.0x5.96
LRF-200(200万) 200*104 360 φ3.632x6.16
LRF-250(250万) 250*104 420 φ16.0x3.6x8.1
LRF-360(360万) 360*104 630 φ8.1x3.6x5.6
LRF-600(600万) 600*104 980 φ12x3.6x5.6