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steam header drum, also known as points, which is the main equipment of steam boilers, widely used in power generation, petrochemicals, steel, cement, construction and other industries.

steam header is the main equipment of the boiler, the boiler for steam distribution generated when the pipeline to go separate ways, sub-cylinder Department of pressure equipment, is a pressure vessel, its bearing capacity, and supporting boiler capacity should correspond . The main sub-cylinder pressure parts are: head, shell materials.

steam header


1, standardized production. B regardless of the size of its sub-cylinder products are used girth automatic welding process, the product is beautiful, safe and reliable.

2, the full range, wide application. Working pressure up to 16Mpa.

3, product quality assurance. Each sub-cylinder according to national standards for manufacturing, testing and acceptance. After the factory inspection by the local Quality and Technical Supervision monitoring detection sub-cylinder plant at the factory. Sub-cylinder to ensure the quality foolproof. Sub-cylinder inspection to prove drawings.

4, users have special requirements, may be required under sub-cylinder design and manufacturing users.


Medium is steam, should be "Pressure Vessel Code" provides design, and determine the cylinder diameter, material and thickness, material 10-20 # seamless, Q235B, 20 #, 16MnR plate rolling, to take over the number determined by the engineering design

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